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What is Vanilla?

"Vanilla is the fruit of a thick green orchid vine (planifolia andrews or tahitensis) that grows wild on the edge of the tropical forests. The vines, when grown wild, will grow up around a tree. Commercially, the vines are pruned for a few reasons. One, is that the vines will not flower until they stop growing. And two, the vines need to be at a height where workers can reach them.

Once the vines stop growing they produce clusters of buds that eventually develop into orchids, up to 1000 flowers for one vine. Not all the flowers are hand pollinated though. They are thinned out so as to guarantee good quality beans. After the hand pollination, the flowers develop into long thin green pods or beans... Average length is about 6 inches long. These tasteless and odorless green beans are handpicked at maturity (9 months) and this is when the curing process can start--a long and intensive process that can last from 4 to 6 months until the beans become a very dark brown color and develop all the expected flavor and taste.

One of the important compounds is the vanillin, the higher the content, the higher the quality." - Wikipedia


Intec Vanilla Niugini is the largest nationally-owned exporter of cured vanilla beans (whole and cut), vanilla powder, and vanilla extract in Papua New Guinea (PNG). We export our pure vanilla products all over the world to USA & Canada, Europe, Japan, China, Australia, and other countries, and can customize our packaging to suit each of our customer's particular needs.



Our vanilla beans are sourced from all over Papua New Guinea, and are 100% locally-cultivated, hand-pollinated, harvested, and cured. We also supply organic vanilla beans from local farmers registered with Australia's Organic Certification Board. Our company works closely with local farmers and buyers to build a long-term sustainable working relationship, encouraging product integrity, price stability, and the best in quality.

Intec Vanilla sorts and bundles its vanilla beans into different grades and lengths, provides extra in-box curing for further maturation of vanillin content and quality control, and vacuum-packs the ready products in air-tight packaging for export all over the world. In 2007, Intec Vanilla also built its own vanilla extraction processing plant under the encouragement of the government's down-stream processing initiative, to add value to PNG's agricultural exports. We firmly guarantee the quality of our in-house vanilla extract, of which we produce two distinct types: pure Vanilla Tahitensis and pure Vanilla Planifolia extract.

For timely pricing of beans, extract or powder, or for other enquiries, please contact us at: info@intecvanilla.com


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